Category: Teaching Tools

Concept Wheel Graphic Organizer

A Concept Wheel is commonly use to ask questions about a topic–who, what, why, when, where and how. This graphic organizer offers space for the topic and 6 questions. It can be used with multiple genres and subjects....

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Spelling Activities

Learning how to spell is a fact of life. It can be difficult for many kids and come easy to some. In any case, make it meaningful and fun by offering some hands-on activities. Here are a few to get you and your students...

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Word Searches

A fun way to help students learn their spelling words is to have them create their own word search. Here are a few templates you can print and use. Word Search 1 This template is for younger students. It has space available for...

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Lesson Plan Template

There are many versions of lesson plan templates available. This particular format is one that I have used multiple times and is one of the most commonly used by regular classroom teachers. However, the flaw with this template...

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Weekly Lesson Plan Template

Here are a few versions of a weekly lesson plan template. If you don’t want to buy a lesson plan book, just print off one of these, make copies and place in a binder. You’ll be set for the whole year! Weekly Lesson...

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Sample Newsletter

This is a sample parent newsletter that I used my first year of teaching. It organizes the information into two columns. I sent home a newsletter to my parents every week. and included my contact info each week (you’ll...

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Monthly Reading Log

This reading log was designed for mature audiences. What I mean specifically is that this log accounts for one month of reading. If I know a student is not organized and can not possibly use and return something at the end of...

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Weekly Reading Log

I use this weekly reading log to verify that my first grade students are reading each school night. I usually send home a homework packet on Thursdays to give my kids time over the weekend to work on it-week nights get hectic...

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Biweekly Reading Log

This log is for recording two weeks of reading. It provides space for the date, book title and parent signature to verify the reading was done. You will notice that I put a signature spot on some of my reading logs because I...

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