Overview: Word cards are such a great resource as they can be used in a variety of ways to help students build their vocabulary. Below, you will find animal word cards in Spanish and in English along with a variety of ways to use them at home or in the classroom.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

How to Implement:

Print copies of the Spanish and English versions for use in a writing center. Students can use them as a reference in their daily writing. Students can also practice writing Rainbow Words (write each word using the colors of the rainbow). Students can also take turns by writing as many of the words (or focus on just one) as they can in a timed minute. Alternatively, they can read as many words as they can in a timed minute.

Word Clouds: Students choose a word from the word list and complete a simplified version of a Word Cloud to describe the animal they chose. Words can be written in English or Spanish using our Word Cloud Template.

Print, cut out, and tape or Velcro to make a Word Wall.

Print on heavy paper and cut out to make a matching game. Students match the english word to the Spanish word.

Print copies for students to practice spelling words using Play Doh, letter tiles or other sensory items (gel bags, sand etc.).

Print Spanish word cards and cut out. Students then sort the words according to the their gender (el, la) or those that end in "o".

Print the word cards in the language you wish to focus on. Students then sort the words according to animals with four legs, two legs, and no legs.


Animal Word Cards in English

Animal Word Cards in Spanish