Overview: The following printable is a set of twenty-four cards that feature fall words. Once printed, cut out and laminated, the cards can be used to play a matching game between classmates. These cards offer a fun way to increase vocabulary related to the fall season. They are also very versatile--be sure to check out the list of other suggested uses below.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second


color printer

heavy paper


1 copy of the fall word match cards

How to Use It:

Print the fall word match cards on heavy paper. Cut out and laminate. Students will play in groups of 2-4 to match the word cards.

Other Uses:

  • As a literacy center, provide five different cards (pairs not necessary) for students to practice writing alone or in a sentence. Our fall writing paper pairs nicely with this.
  • Provide the cards (matches not necessary) and a copy of our word search template for children to create a fall word search puzzle for a classmate to complete.
  • Provide this 12 square piece of paper and the cards (matches not necessary) for students to draw a picture of each fall item and label it.
  • Provide cards (matches not necessary) and have students sort words according to how many letters or syllables they have.
  • Use as part of a fall word wall.