Overview: Word scrambles are a fun way to help children build their vocabulary and spelling skills. The following word scrambles feature each of the four seasons. Each scramble offers ten words describing items and traditions found in a particular season. Use them as part of a literacy center where students can use letter tiles to manipulate the words.

Recommended Grade Level(s): First, Second, Third

Objective(s): Students will be able to...

  1. Use conventional spelling and apply knowledge of phonemic awareness to spell seasonal words.
  2. Read words presented in a category to gain a sense of the concepts each category represents.


Winter Word Scramble

Spring Word Scramble

Summer Word Scramble

Fall Word Scramble

Possible Modifications/Accommodations:

  • Offer students a shorter list of words to work on at a time (fold or cut the worksheet in half or in thirds).
  • Cut the word bank so that it is separate from the worksheet. This will allow for closer placement to the word being unscrambled and ultimately avoid having the student to cross the page to search for a word.
  • Provide letter tiles so that the child can physically manipulate each word.
  • Fold the worksheet in half horizontally to make the workload more manageable.
  • Provide a multiple choice option. For example, for numbers 1-3, write the three unscrambled words that match those numbers in the margin. Student(s) will determine, using letter tiles, which word matches 1, 2, and 3. Continue with the next set of words until the page is completed.
  • Allow extra time. Some students may not be able to complete the activity in a given session.

Common Core Standards:

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.5.A    Sort words into categories (e.g., colors, clothing) to gain a sense of the concepts the categories represent.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.2.D   Use conventional spelling for words with common spelling patterns and for frequently occurring irregular words.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.2.E   Spell untaught words phonetically, drawing on phonemic awareness and spelling conventions.