The following word scramble worksheets are available in each season--winter, spring, summer, and fall. They are perfect for use in a literacy center. Simply provide letter tiles so students can manipulate the letters to create the words from the word bank.

Possible Modifications/Adaptations:

  • Fold the worksheet in half horizontally to make the workload more manageable.
  • Cut out the word bank so students can bring the unscrambled words closer to the scrambled word they are working on.
  • Provide a multiple choice option. For example, for numbers 1-3, write the three unscrambled words that match those numbers in the margin. Student(s) will determine, using letter tiles, which word matches 1, 2 and 3. Continue with the next set of words until the page is completed.
  • Allow extra time. Some students may not be able to complete the activity in a given session.

Winter Word Scramble

Spring Word Scramble

Summer Word Scramble

Fall Word Scramble