Here is a page for making your own Printable Name Tags. I used these when I was teaching in a summer preschool program. I printed the page off on heavy duty card stock, cut out one strip per student, and then laminated them. I used them as a writing center for little ones to practice writing their names (in this case, I also had to provide many of the kids with a card that already had their name on it). You could also introduce them during the first days of school. For example, before laminating the cards, write each child’s name using a black marker. After lamintaing, place them on the left-hand side of a pocket chart that is visible for the kids when they enter the room in the mornings. As children enter the room to start each day, have them find their name and practice writing it by tracing what you have already done for them. They can then move their cards to the right-hand side of the pocket chart to let you know they are present at school. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive, AND reusable-love it!