With Thanksgiving Day just days away, we have gathered all of our best activities, crafts, and lesson plans to help you create a fun and enriching holiday for your kiddos.

Let's begin with literacy. For students that are reading, we have several Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles and Thanksgiving Word Searches at varying levels. We also have several writing opportunities in the form of Thanksgiving Writing Prompts to help students reflect on the holiday and some that are just plain silly. Students can also share their knowledge of how Puritan and Native American children used to live with these activities on life in Plymouth.

In terms of math, we have some Thanksgiving Color-by-Number pages. Some feature equations, while others offer practice in recognizing numbers 1-5. Other coloring opportunities can be found in our many Thanksgiving Coloring Pages.

And how about some Thanksgiving science? Our Corn is Maize lesson with accompanying activities offers a fantastic investigation for young readers to learn about one of America's biggest crops given to us by the Native Americans.

For Thanksgiving Day, we have these super fun Thanksgiving Day Placemats created to suit different ability levels. These are sure to engage your kiddos as you finish up last-minute preparations. Our first placemat is for children that are already reading. It features a section on word creation from the word "Thanksgiving", writing prompts "My favorite foods at Thanksgiving are..." and "I am thankful for...", a section on how to draw a turkey, a Thanksgiving word search, a section to decorate and color some teepees, and some good ol' tic-tac-toe.

Our second placemat is for our preschool/pre-kindergarten group. This placemat features a section on completing a drawing of a turkey, a section on counting and tracing Thanksgiving foods, problem-solving a maze, coloring, and completing a pattern on some teepees. It is recommended that you explain the direction for each section on this placemat (if the direction isn't already obvious to young ones) before leaving them with it. They could also be seated next to an older child that can be available to help them.

Our third placemat is for our early preschoolers and toddlers. This placemat features three cute Thanksgiving images of a Native American child and a Puritan boy and girl. The words "Happy Thanksgiving" provide a festive greeting and an opportunity for little ones to practice their letter recognition. Toddlers will need to be monitored with crayons as they do pose a choking hazard.

And last, but not least, we have many fun activities for our littlest of learners. Our Fall Compound Word Match is a sweet matching game offering pictures with words related to the fall season, including Thanksgiving ones. Print on heavy paper and cut out (lamination optional) for a fun game that can be played on Thanksgiving Day and the days leading up to it. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages are always a hit and so will our GIANT Ear of Corn Craft.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!