Writing prompts are a fun way to get students thinking about a particular topic. The following Thanksgiving Writing Prompts ask students to think, feel, and imagine as they are presented with various Thanksgiving scenarios.

Recommended Grade Level(s): First, Second, Third

Thanksgiving Day Writing Prompt--Students are asked to write about how they plan to spend their Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Day For Less Fortunate--Students are asked to think of ways they can help someone less fortunate than they this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving With Someone Special--Students are asked to think of a list of people they would like to spend Thanksgiving with and to include at least one question they would ask them.

Thanksgiving Day Proverb--Students are asked to consider a Native American Proverb and how it relates to the Pilgrims' journey.

Thanksgiving Day Sights and Smells--Students are asked to recall the best Thanksgiving Day they have ever had and to write about what made it so special.

Thankful--Students are to think about three people they are thankful for and how they would tell them so.

Turkeys in a Car--Students are to create a fictional story about two turkeys they saw driving to Grandma's house.