Overview: The Lonely Scarecrow by Tim Preston and Maggie Kneen is a lovely story that gives readers a vivid look into the heart of a scarecrow. The following writing prompts encourage students to make text-to-self connections. Use as a follow-up to your guided reading or as a literacy center.

Recommended Grade Level(s): First, Second, Third

Objective(s): Students will be able to...

  1. Answer text-to-self questions from the story The Lonely Scarecrow.


Lonely Scarecrow Writing Prompt (Lonely)

Lonely Scarecrow Writing Prompt (Scared)

Possible Modifications/Adaptations:

  • For students who have difficulty generating ideas, provide a web as a prewriting activity.
  • Ideas can also be generated by rereading the story "The Lonely Scarecrow".
  • For students who have difficulty with physically writing, allow them to dictate their story to someone who will write for them or allow them to be recorded. The students could also record ideas using a web.