Overview: Summer is here and we're all looking for engaging activities for the kiddos. Our summer drawing prompts offer a fun way to ignite creativity and get the sillies out. Drawing prompts make for a great start to the day to awaken the brain, an engaging activity during those "I'm bored" moments, or a relaxing end to a long summer day. Be sure to check out the extensions below for even more drawing fun. Children (or adults!) can choose the level of detail they want to create a simple picture or an elaborate one.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, First, Second, Third


Summer Drawing Prompt-Beach in Your Bedroom

Summer Drawing Prompt-Bears Camping

Summer Drawing Prompt-Cats Swimming in a Pool

Summer Drawing Prompt-Crabs Flying Kites

Summer Drawing Prompt-Dogs Surfing

Summer Drawing Prompt-Fish Eating a Cupcake

Summer Drawing Prompt-Flamingos in a Splash Pad

Summer Drawing Prompt-Octopus Eating Ice Cream

Summer Drawing Prompt-Raccoon Roasting Marshmallows

Summer Drawing Prompt-Sharks Riding Bikes


Provide a creative writing opportunity. Prompt students to write about their drawing on the backside of the paper.

Use our Drawing Prompt Template to create a drawing prompt for another person. Simply use the line at the top of the page to write a silly sentence.

Provide mixed media for students to create their pictures. Print the drawing prompt on heavy paper and allow students to use sand, small shells, glitter, magazine clippings, tissue paper, foil, sequins...the possibilities are endless.

Share the drawing prompt between two students. Have one child begin the drawing prompt but only complete half. For example, the fish eating a cupcake prompt would be drawn with half of the fish showing and half of the cupcake. The second student would then complete the drawing using his/her own imagination.