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Concept Wheel Graphic Organizer

A Concept Wheel is commonly use to ask questions about a topic–who, what, why, when, where and how. This graphic organizer offers space for the topic and 6 questions. It can be used with multiple genres and subjects....

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Father’s Day Craft

This simple little activity is not only fun, but it can be used as a way to assess your students’ ability to create a pattern. Supplies Needed: Shirt Pattern Worksheet (1 per child) buttons (a variety that is suitable for...

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Turtle Art Project

We are really going green with this cutie of a turtle. He is made with an apple sauce cup and a plastic spoon. The best thing about this project-no need for glue! Supplies Needed: apple sauce cups (emptied and cleaned), 1 per...

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Art Time Tips

Here are a few tips for art time that I have discovered or have received from colleagues over the years. I love the idea of working “smarter” not “harder”. If you have some art time tips, please share...

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Daffodil Art Project

Ah, springtime. The grass is green, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming. Here is an art project for prek-k that celebrates daffodils. These cute little flowers make use of cupcake liners. Supplies Needed:...

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Henri Matisse

Objective: Students will recognize the difference between a “realistic” piece of art and an “abstract” piece of art. Students will recognize the cutout work of Henri Matisse. Students will create an...

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