Overview: If you love a good scavenger hunt, then you are going to love this Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt filled with the sweetest images for your young explorers. Simply print out the hunt for each child and provide a pencil or crayon for the items to be checked off. Each hunt features sixteen Valentine's Day-related items. Pass out as a take-home assignment in the days leading up to the holiday or if you're a homeschooling family, use it as a focus activity while running errands with the kids. This scavenger hunt is perfect for big kids and little ones as it will keep them actively engaged while increasing their matching and phonics skills. Don't forget to offer something sweet (perhaps an item from the hunt?) once complete.

Recommended Grade Levels: Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third


Crayon or pencil (short pencils work great for this)

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt (1 per child)

Modifications/Possible Extensions:

  1. Younger children, or those who may be overwhelmed by the number of items to find, can pair up with another child. Alternatively, the page can be folded and divided into halves or fourths to make the hunt more manageable.
  2. This hunt would also make a great center or rainy-day game. Print off one copy of the hunt and cut out the individual pictures. Place them around the classroom or house. Provide copies of the hunt and allow children time to find the items.