Category: Pre-K

Bug Snacks

Here are a few recipes for creating fun kids snacks that feature bugs (not the real thing!): Ants on a Log Using clean celery sticks, spread cream cheese or peanut butter into the “ditch”. Apply raisins or chocolate...

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Ant Songs

Here are a few songs about ants to assist you in your teaching of the little creatures. Ants (To the tune of “Oh My Darlin'”) It’s an insect not a spider it has 6 legs instead of 8 3 on this side 3 on that side...

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Father’s Day Craft

This simple little activity is not only fun, but it can be used as a way to assess your students’ ability to create a pattern. Supplies Needed: Shirt Pattern Worksheet (1 per child) buttons (a variety that is suitable for...

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Turtle Art Project

We are really going green with this cutie of a turtle. He is made with an apple sauce cup and a plastic spoon. The best thing about this project-no need for glue! Supplies Needed: apple sauce cups (emptied and cleaned), 1 per...

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