Abstract: This activity is primarily used as an informal tool to assess the recognition of various colors, animals and their sounds. It can be used with a small or large group.

Objective: To assess students’ ability to recognize various colors, animals and their sounds.

Grade level: Pre-K and Kindergarten

Materials: Brown, Brown, What Do You See? by Eric Carle

Animal printouts (print on heavy paper, cut and laminate)

Procedure: Large Group

Gather students on the “carpet area”. Students are told that they are going to hear a story that they may have heard before. Share some of the elements of the book-title, author, characteristics of Eric Carle books (use of animals, bright colors). This will lead into stating the objective. Students are told that you want to see if they can find the animals as you read the book. Also, that you are going to ask them questions about each animals’ color and the sound they make. Remind students that they will be called on and that you don’t want them to blurt out. Everyone will get turn. This rule is usually repeated several times! Encourage students to read ALONG with you if they remember the story. Lay some of the animals out in front of you or magnet clip them to the board so the students can see them. As you read, call on students to physically choose the animal from the group of animals that corresponds to the page you are on. Once an animal is chosen, ask another student to tell you the color and another to tell the sound of the animal. After each animal is chosen, add more to the group to be selected. I usually have no more than a field of 3-4 animals for the children to choose from. Towards the end of the story, a page filled with children is shown. This page can be used to identify students within the class that may look similar to the children in the book. The last page of the book lists all of the animals. It can be used to initiate physical activity. Have the children stand and repeat with you each animal, their color, their sound and movement as you point to each. You will find that after this activity, students will request it over and over throughout the school year.