Category: Teaching Aids


Throughout my years as a teacher, I have always developed a weekly newsletter for my students and my parents. I enjoy creating my newsletters. I think it is a great reminder to parents of upcoming events, feature fun happenings...

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conferencing with parents can be a breeze or a dreaded situation for all. It simply depends on the student and the parent(s) involved. I do believe that no matter what the situation is, the parent-teacher conference can be a...

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Books That Assist

The following is a list of read aloud books that are a great accompaniment to many lessons. They are sorted by topic. Check back as the list will grow. First Days of School: Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway (Great book to make a...

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Yes/No Cards

One tool that I love to use as an informal assessment of understanding is the “yes/no cards”. These cards are simple to use with any elementary age group including kindergarten. I will take a stack of index cards...

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