Overview: Yes-No Cards are a simple, yet effective way to assess students' understanding of concepts being taught or to gather their opinion on various topics.

What Are Yes-No Cards?

Yes-No Cards are cards that simply feature the word "yes" on one side and the word "no" on the other side.

What Are Yes-No Cards Used For?

Yes-No Cards can be used during small group or whole group instruction. They really come in handy when you want to simply check-in with students without interrupting other students working or the workflow. They are particularly helpful during those first days of school when everyone is warming up, if you are a substitute teacher visiting a class or managing a class that tends to blurt out answers. Some examples of when Yes-No Cards cards are useful are:

  • During a guided reading group discussion of a story and its characters
  • During a review of material before a quiz is given
  • Anytime you want to check-in with students

Recommended Grade Level(s): First, Second, Third

How to Create Yes-No Cards

There are two ways to create these cards. You can have students simply write on an index card or you can print, cut, and laminate the template. Below you will find printable Yes-No Cards as well as printable Agree/Disagree Cards. If you find these cards helpful, check out our other printable Checking-In Cards. To store, provide students an envelope to keep at their desks or store them in a bin in the classroom and pull out as needed.


Yes-No Cards + Agree-Disagree Cards