Yes-No Cards are a simple, yet effective way to assess students’ understanding of concepts being taught. They can be used during whole-group or small group instruction. They are also easily replaced in the event that they are misplaced or damaged. To make, simply provide a blank index card for each student. Have them write, with a black marker, “YES” on one side and “NO” on the other side. During guided instruction, request that students take out their Yes-No cards and use them to respond to your questions during a lesson.

Recommended Grade Level: 1+

Possible Modifications/Accomodations: 

  • For students who need help writing legibly, provide a card that has “YES” and “NO” pre-written with a yellow highlighter. The student(s) can then trace over the words using a black marker.
  • To increase the durability of the cards, laminate them.