With all of the runny noses and sniffles this year in my classroom, it seemed like we were going through a box of tissues every couple of days. Since I don’t like throwing things out, I decided to hang on to those tissue boxes. Then one day, when I opened my closet and the boxes fell on me, I decided I could use them for the kids’ Valentine’s Day Mailboxes. The kids painted and decorated the outside and they were perfect! Because the boxes already had openings, there was no annoying cutting needed and they didn’t take up loads of space in the classroom like bulky shoeboxes can.

If you are in need of Valentine’s Day Mailboxes for your students, look around for reusable items in your classroom, school or home. You will be surprised at what you’ll find all while saving money and the planet! Here are some more items that can be used to create a holding place for Valentines…

  • many food packaging boxes (from cereal, crackers, snacks)
  • small paper bags
  • milk jugs (wash thoroughly, cut top portion off and decorate)
  • large cans (make sure there is no sharp edge)
  • oatmeal containers (Quaker comes in those large cylinders)
  • a shoe holder (1 pocket per child)
  • heart-shaped pockets (cut out two large hearts from construction paper, decorate each side, staple together to form a pocket)
  • gift bags
  • small pillowcases
  • large envelopes