Overview: Whether you are in a traditional classroom or a homeschool one, Valentine's Day offers a great opportunity for children to connect with others through their writing. Creating a Valentine's Day Mailbox is a fun way to provide a space for those written communications to be captured. 

What is a Valentine's Day Mailbox? 

These special mailboxes are created for the purpose of collecting Valentine's from friends, family, and classmates. The mailbox is placed within an indoor setting, so postage is not necessary. Valentine's Day Mailboxes are usually colorful and can resemble a favorite character or animal, or simply Valentine's Day by featuring many different heart shapes.

Vantine's Day Mailboxes can be made using a variety of supplies, which include reusable materials such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and milk jugs. Other items that can be creatively turned into Valentine's Day Mailboxes include:

  • any kind of small box--shoebox, food storage, laundry detergent
  • photo box
  • cookie box (or tin)
  • emptied babywipe container
  • large coffee cans (make sure there is no sharp edge)
  • oatmeal containers
  • a shoe holder (1 pocket per child)
  • gift bags 
  • 2-liter soda bottles
  • large, plastic vinegar containers
  • heavy paper plates (placed together to form a pocket)
  • large envelopes
  • small paper bags

If short on time, supplies, or creativity, Valentine's Day Mailbox Kits are also available for purchase. These all-inclusive kits take the guess-work out of creating a mailbox and eliminate the need to gather a bunch of supplies. Here are just a few:

Unicorn Mailbox Kit

Sloth Valentine Mailbox Kit

Crayola Create-Your-Own Valentine Kit

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