Ant Art Project For KidsHere is a fun and hands-on way to solidify the teaching of an ants body. Children will use their own fingers to create the three segments that make up an ant. This ant craft makes for a great place to display any poetry or learning statements that children have written about ants.

Recommended Grade Level: PreK-1

Supplies Needed:

brown construction paper or a large brown paper bag cut in the shape of an ant hill

finger paint in black, brown or red


marker in black, brown or red


Provide students with the cut out ant hill. Demonstrate how students are to choose a color of paint and then brush some on the first segement of their index finger. They will then use that finger to make a fingerprint on the ant hill. Three fingerprints in a row should be added to form one ant. The child will continue to print ants until he/she is done. Once dry, the student will use a marker in a color that matches the paint to form the legs of each ant.