Overview: Engaged in a study about ants? What better way to solidify concepts taught, assess what has been learned, or simply engage your students in a wonderful world of fantasy. Here are ten writing prompts to suit a range of students. Click on the titles below to access the printable pages.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Ant Writing Prompts:

  1. I like/don't like ants because...
  2. I was enjoying a picnic when two bad ants...
  3. If I were an ant
  4. An ant that was a picky eater
  5. The best and worst part of living in a colony
  6. My job in the colony
  7. One day, I left the colony
  8. The life cycle of an ant
  9. The ants went marching
  10. What if ants were bigger?