Ant Art Project for KidsUse this fun little ant craft as a follow-up art project after reading your favorite book about ants. Need help selecting a good read? Be sure to check out our picks for ant books.


Recommended Grade Level: PreK-1

Supplies Needed:

paper plate (1 per child)

picnic food template (1 per child)

glue sticks

medium-sized black pom poms (3 per child)

googly eyes (2 per child)

black pipe cleaners (1 per child-cut into 6 segments to form legs)

hot glue gun

hot glue


Allow time for students to color, cut out, and glue on their picnic food pieces to the paper plate. While children are working (or you can make ahead of time), hot glue three pom poms together in a row to form an ant. Bend the ends of each pipe cleaner down to form feet. Hot glue the center of each pipe cleaner to the underside of the last two pom poms that form each ant. Hot glue the eyes on the front of the ant. Children can then have fun pretending their ant is eating all the food on the plate!