• Happy Birthday, Moon Word Search

    The following worksheet is a word search activity to use with the book "Happy Birthday, Moon" by Frank Asch. Word searches are a great way to build vocabulary, improve spelling skills and exercise the brain.  Recommended Grade Level(s): Kindergarten, First, Second Happy Birthday Moon Word

    Happy Birthday, Moon Word Search
  • Autumn Is…Fall Activity

    This fall activity is a creative and completely hands-on approach to teaching children about autumn. Use it as a whole group activity, as part of a learning center or as an assessment. Either way, students will enjoy the sensory activity and you will enjoy the many skills it incorporates--math

    Autumn Is…Fall Activity
  • Winter Compound Word Sort

    The following activity uses compound words that relate to wintertime. Simply print the winter compound word list on heavy paper, cut out each mitten and laminate. Students can then manipulate the cards to form winter compound words or take turns using them as part of a matching game. A recording

    Winter Compound Word Sort
  • Calendar Template

    The following is a calendar template. It can be used to teach students the elements of a calendar or used by students to keep track of homework assignments and/or upcoming projects. This would also make a great resource for ELL students and those receiving special education services. Recommended

    Calendar Template
  • Autumn Leaf Word Sort

    This Autumn Leaf Word Sort prompts students to consider words related to an autumn leaf. The words are then sorted according to whether they are a noun or an adjective. An Autumn Leaf Word Sort Template and an Autumn Leaves Coloring Page are also provided. Students can color the leaf images on

    Autumn Leaf Word Sort