We are really going green with this cutie of a turtle. He is made with an apple sauce cup and a plastic spoon. The best thing about this project-no need for glue!

Supplies Needed:

  • apple sauce cups (emptied and cleaned), 1 per child
  • green paint, brushes and smocks, 1 per child
  • plastic spoon, 1 per child
  • green construction paper, 1 5X8 piece per child
  • pencil, 1 per child
  • markers, 1 per child
  • tape, 5 small pieces per child

Art Project of the Week-Turtle Allow each student to paint the outside of an apple sauce container. While the paint dries, demonstrate how to make the turtle's body parts. Using a pencil, plastic spoon, and green construction paper, trace the top of the spoon for the turtle's head one time and the end of the spoon (trace down until you reach the middle of the spoon handle) four times. Once traced, cut out the pieces. Tape the straight end of each piece to the inside of the dry apple sauce cup. Bend the ends of each leg to make the feet. Finally, use a marker to draw a face. Don't forget to name the little cutie!