What is a Story Web?

A story web, also known as a story map, is a graphic organizer that can be used in the areas of both reading and writing. As a reading tool, story webs can aid students in their description and organization of the elements of a story–the setting, main characters, minor characters, the problem, and the solution. In addition to these elements, a story web can also be used to sequence the events that occured in the story at the beginning, middle and end, which is also known as the story’s plot.

As a writing tool, students can use a story web to organize their ideas as part of the pre-writing process. This type of graphic organizer can be used when writing about a variety of  genres and topics.

Story webs vary in their appearance. Generally speaking, story webs mimic the appearance of a real web by using lines to connect the elements of the story together.

The following story web templates can be used for the purpose of either reading or writing:

Lined Story Web Graphic Organizer–This story web offers lined areas for the story’s title, setting, characters, problem, and solution. In landscape form.

Blank Story Web Graphic Organizer–This story web offers some flexibility by simply providing six blank areas. In landscape form.