Overview: Writing paper is a necessary tool for any writer, but young writers require writing paper that will best suit their needs.

Why do beginner writer's need special writing paper?

Emergent writers often have large print. They are also learning how to plan and organize their writing on the page in order to fit their large print within a given amount of space. As their writing develops, young writers learn how to space between words, which often takes up even more writing area. Providing emergent writers a variety of paper, lined and unlined, to write on allows them the space to write freely. It is important for young writers to focus on getting their words on paper (however the words may look). This exercise should be separate from handwriting practice as the goal is simply to create a communicated message.

Recommended Grade Level(s):  Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Lined Paper

Single-lined Writing Paper with Border

Triple-lined Paper with Title and Author

Unlined Paper

Decorative Paper

Picture Prompt (Illustration) Paper

Draw and Write Single-lined Paper

Draw and Write Triple-lined Paper