This art project is a follow-up activity to the story The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. When implementing this activity, you can keep it simple or make it more involved, depending on the skill level of your students.

Possible ways to implement:

  1. Using the Very Busy Spider printable and the Very Busy Spider Web printable, have students color/paint the spider, cut it out and then paste it on the web.
  2. Print the Very Busy Spider Web on black card stock. Trace white lines of the web with liquid glue (this will give the web texture as it is in the book). Allow to dry. Color/paint Very Busy Spider. Cut out Very Busy Spider and paste to the end of a popsicle stick. Students can then use the spider and the web to retell the story.
  3. For added creativity, supply various materials for students to choose from when forming their Very Busy Spider. Materials could include pages from magazines or scraps of wrapping and scrapbook paper to give the spider a collage effect. Frayed material could be cut and glued for the arms of the spider. Sequins, gems, foam shapes, glitter--the possibilities are endless.

Supplies Needed:

Very Busy Spider printable

Very Busy Spider Web printable (can be used on white or black paper)

crayons, markers, or paints (+ brushes, smocks, cleaning supplies)

glue (liquid in bottle)


popsicle sticks (optional)

*The Very Busy Spider images inspired by original author and illustrator, Eric Carle.