Overview: Learning how to spell is a fact of life. It can be difficult for many kids and come easy to some. English language learners and those needing extra support will particularly benefit from these hands-on spelling activities. Here is a list of twenty-one fun and meaningful activities to get you and your students going.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

  1. ABC Order-Words are written in alphabetical order
  2. Appearing Words-Words are written on a white piece of paper with a white crayon and then painted over with watercolor
  3. Reverse Order-Words are written in alphabetical order, but backward
  4. Backward Words-Words are written forwards and then backward
  5. Clean Words-Words are written in shaving cream on a work surface
  6. Dirty Words-Words are written with something dirty-mud, sand, soil, etc.
  7. Gelly Words-Words are written on a small Ziploc bag full of hair gel
  8. Magnetic Letters-Words are spelled using magnetic letters and a cookie sheet
  9. Marker Words-Words are written using markers of different colors and thicknesses
  10. Pasta Words-Words are spelled using alphabet pasta
  11. Picture Words-Pictures are drawn and the words are written to label each picture
  12. Rainbow Words-Words are written in different colors
  13. Ransom Words-Words are made by cutting out letters from a newspaper and then gluing them on paper
  14. Silly Sentences-Words are used to make silly sentences
  15. Stamping Words-Words are spelled using letter stamps and an ink pad
  16. Story Words-Words are used to make a story
  17. Word Scramble-Words are given to the student scrambled up and they work with letter tiles to unscramble each word
  18. Word Searches-Words are used to create a word search puzzle
  19. Words Without Consonants-Words are written and the consonants are replaced with a symbol
  20. Words Without Vowels-Words are written and the vowels are replaced with a symbol
  21. Words-in-Words-Words are written and two words are generated from each spelling word

How to Implement:

  • Feature one idea each week as a learning center
  • Use as a whole group to emphasize phonemic awareness and phonics
  • Send a list home of the spelling activities as a way to encourage families to practice the spelling list
  • Provide a spelling box within the classroom or home that is available to students to grab when they have wait time, have completed an assignment, or are in between tasks.