Lesson Overview: This activity was created as a follow-up to the story Little Cloud by Eric Carle. Blue construction paper and some cotton balls create a simple way for children to connect with the story and the environment.

Recommended Grade Level: Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First


  • blue construction paper
  • glue (liquid)
  • cotton balls (3-5 per student)

How to Implement: Find your favorite spot outdoors to read aloud the story. As you read, ask students to look up and see if they can spot clouds in the same figure as little cloud. After reading the story, return to your classroom and encourage students to look and think about all the different things that clouds can look like. Encourage students to use their imaginations to think of something they would like to create. Demonstrate how to stretch and pull the cotton balls apart to form different looks. Allow students time to manipulate their cotton and make a plan on their construction paper. Once completed, provide the glue. Taking phrases from the book (e.g. "Little Cloud changed into..."), have students dictate what their cloud is and write it on their creation.