Overview: Looking for a fun and creative way to incorporate frogs into your spring or summer curriculum? Consider eating them! The following recipes provide some super cute and super simple frog snacks for kids.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third

Kiwi Frogs:

Cut three slices of kiwi. Place on a plate. Destem and slice a strawberry in half. Place strawberry between first and second kiwi slice to form a tongue. Stick a raisin into the middle of a miniature marshmallow (do this twice). Place marshmallows on top of kiwi slices to form eyes.

Cookie Frog:

Place an Oreo cookie on a plate. Use a small bit of cake frosting to stick two pretzels under the cookie to form frog feet. Use a small bit of icing to stick two green M & M's on the top of the Oreo for the eyes.

Sherbet the Frog:

Place one scoop of lime sherbert in a bowl. Destem and half one small strawberry. Place in the sherbert to create a mouth. Add two brown M &M's (or raisins) to create eyes.