Overview: Frog games are essential when studying frogs with your early childhood students. Below you will find a list of some really fun, yet simple games to implement. You'll even find a few twists on some classics. Several are whole-group games, which are great for building community and just being silly! Others offer a nice science connection.

Recommended Grade Level(s): Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten

LeapFrog- This game can take on many versions. In its simplest form, form two lines and have the children squat down and leap like a frog. Have an endpoint for them to leap to, such as a blue cut out to resemble a pond. Don't forget to have them say, "ribbit" each time they jump. As an added interest/challenge, tape lily pads made from green construction paper to the floor and have students try to leap from pad to pad. Letters or numbers can be added to the pads so children are encouraged to find the sequence.

Frog Puzzles- Find pictures in magazines of frogs (National Geographic, Time for Kids, or use Google images). Glue each picture on heavy paper or a file folder. Once dry, cut into puzzle pieces appropriate for your age level.

Catch That Bug- Using party blowers, attach a small amount of Velcro to the end of each blower. Attach the opposing side of the Velcro to several small, plastic bugs. When students blow the party favor, they can try to catch the bugs.

"Froggy Says"- This is played just like, "Simon Says", but "Froggy" is used in place of "Simon".

Tadpole, Tadpole, Frog!-This game is played just like "Duck, duck, goose!", but the words are changed.