A House For Hermit Crab Art Project

A House for Hermit Crab

This activity was created as a follow-up to the story “A House for Hermit Crab”. I love the use of texture in this project. For students with fine motor difficulty, have the legs and the eyes of the crab pre-cut.

Recommended Grade Level: PreK-1

Supplies Needed:

Hermit Crab Worksheet (replica taken from the book)

card stock or tagboard (print on for durability)

Crayons, markers, or paints

Glue (liquid in bottle)


Styrofoam bowl




hot glue (optional, but may be necessary)


Have children color/paint and cut out the “Hermit Crab” printable. Next, glue must be applied to the outside of the Styrofoam bowl. This is best done by applying the liquid glue with a brush to make sure it is evenly and thinly distributed. Using a shoebox, place the Styrofoam bowl inside. The box is used to catch the sand and avoid a huge mess. Have student sprinkle sand to cover the outside of the bowl. Lift bowl to gently shake off any excess sand. Finally, seashells can be glued to the outside of the bowl. *If the shells do not want to stick, hot gluing them will make them stick. I hope it is obvious that hot gluing would most definitely be done by the adult! Once the bowl is completely dry, attach to hermit crab with glue.

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