Throughout my years as a teacher, I have always developed a weekly newsletter for my students and my parents. I enjoy creating my newsletters. I think it is a great reminder to parents of upcoming events, feature fun happenings within the class, list what the class is doing academically, and offer supplemental resources for parents to use with their children at home. I respect the fact that many teachers do not take the time to create a weekly newsletter. This is due to the fact that many teachers will spend their valuable time creating such a resource only to be disappointed when the newsletters are continually lost or when reminders strategically placed in the newsletter are still forgotten. Yes, this will happen. And yes, it takes valuable time to create newsletters. My philosophy is that if it helps to make just one life of a parent easier, then it is worth my time. If you want to implement a newsletter but feel it is too time consuming, consider this…

  • create a newsletter template and reuse it by simply replacing the info each week
  • write a biweekly or monthly newslettter
  • post your newsletter on a web page offered through your school’s website (This too can be a template that you use and then just keep replacing the info. Plus, you won’t have to make copies or deal with any not making it home.)
  • jot down noteworthy events and have a parent volunteer or classroom mom create the newsletter for you
  • To deal with lost copies, I keep ONE copy posted outside my classroom door. I make sure to mention to parents from day one that if a newsletter sent home does not make it, they can then access it outside the classroom.