First Grade Lesson Plan Kit for the First Days of School

The First Days of School Two Week Lesson Plan Kit:

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As a first grade teacher, I understand the hours of planning and preparation that go into those often dreaded, somewhat over-whelming, and yet critical first days of school. Whether you are a new teacher that isn’t quite sure where to begin or the experienced teacher who is thirsty for some fresh ideas, this comprehensive plan will eliminate the need to spend hours searching

  • through workbooks and curriculum
  • through complicated websites
  • for ways to build a classroom community while building a strong academic foundation


Here is what you get:

  • Over 100 pages of detailed lessons plans, accompanying visuals, and printable worksheets
  • Instant download in PDF format (compatible with Mac and a PC)
  • A comprehensive plan developed for first grade students and their teachers
  • A printable, 2 week lesson plan template for quick reference
  • Easy to follow guide for each day
  • All worksheets that may be required for individual lessons and activities
  • Engaging lessons and activities that are based on the philosophy of “building a classroom community”
  • Integration of the core subject areas-reading, writing, math, science, and social studies
  • Daily, consistent scheduling to establish a routine for young students
  • Opportunities to set a precedence for student behavior by teaching important social skills such as manners, how to handle bullying, as well as how to recognize and handle one’s own anger
  • Multiple connections to literacy-a vital component of a first grade curriculum
  • Team building opportunities so students and teacher learn about one another
  • Careful consideration given to the materials needed for each lesson to ensure that every teacher and student can assess the curriculum
  • 4 units of study that include:


Author Study: Eric Carle

Through a study of this widely popular author and illustrator, students will be immersed into the wonderful word of literature. Students will learn to identify the parts of a book, the elements of a story, and become familiar with the fun, colorful, and very recognizable style of Mr. Eric Carle.

Community: Where We Live, Work and Play

What better way to begin first grade! Students will be able to define a community as a place where people live, work, and play. They will learn about different types of communities, both large and small. Finally, students will have opportunities to act as community helpers as they learn about being a responsible citizen and how everyone in a community must work together.

Geometry: 2-Dimensional Shapes

This unit not only offers a review of the four basic shapes, but it dives a bit deeper to reveal the commonalities between them. Students will have various hands-on opportunities to manipulate the shapes, identify them in their own environment, recognize that they can have different positions in space, and learn to classify them in terms of 2-dimensional and/or being a polygon.

The Five Senses

This unit teaches students how to consciously use their senses to gather information about their environment. As each sense is touched upon, students will engage in sensory explorations to discover different textures, how the sense of taste and smell work together, how people who are blind and deaf use their senses, what colors are made of, and most importantly, how to be active listeners.


Stop wasting time searching and planning! Its all been done for you. Use it!

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Get the complete package for $17

(Normally $27 – Now only $17 for a limited time)

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All the lesson plans, activities, tips and tricks-everything has been personally used by me and implemented with first graders. I want to share these things with you, risk free, for 60 days. That’s right, I want to give you 60 days to teach this two week plan. After implementing it, if you feel it did not provide what I say it does, then I will grant you a complete refund.

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