This activity was created as a follow-up to the story “The Mixed-Up Chameleon”. Using pictures from the book, students can make their own mixed-up chameleon. Due to the large amount of cutting involved for this activity, pieces can be pre-cut for students. Chameleon printables could also be colored, cut and laminated. Then used as a center where students can manipulate the pieces while viewing the book.

Recommended Grade Level: PreK-1

Supplies Needed:

Mixed-Up Chameleon Printables (1 per child):

Mixed-up Chameleon

Chameleon Pieces 1

Chameleon Pieces 2

Crayons, markers or paints



8 X 11 piece of card stock (1 per child)


Print and distribute a copy of the Mixed-Up Chameleon Set to each child. Allow students time to color and cut out the pieces. Not all of the pieces have to be cut. Students can decide how they want their Chameleon to look and cut out just those pieces. Younger students may need help identifying which pieces to cut. Assist them by marking those pieces with a pencil. Once the pieces have been cut, students can have fun arranging their pieces on their Chameleon. Pieces can then be glued to the card stock.