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Autumn Is…Fall Activity

This fall activity is a creative and completely hands-on approach to teaching children about autumn. Use it as a whole group activity, as part of a learning center or as an assessment. Either way, students will enjoy the sensory activity and you will enjoy the many skills it incorporates–math (sorting), science (investigation) and literacy (labeling). Here are the details on how to implement it: Students will first collect items that they find in nature during the fall season. If time is limited, items can be gathered ahead of time for the students to sort through. Be sure to gather...

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Word Scramble–Seasons

The following word scramble worksheets are specific to each season–winter, spring, summer and fall. They are perfect for use in a literacy center. Simply provide letter tiles so students can manipulate the letters to create the words from the word bank. Possible Modifications/Adaptations: Fold the worksheet in half horizontally to make the workload more manageable. Cut out the word bank so students can bring the unscrambled words closer to the scrambled word they are working on. Provide a multiple choice option. For example, for numbers 1-3, write the three unscrambled words that match those numbers in the margin. Student(s)...

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Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

The following Autumn Leaves Coloring Page offers four, black and white fall leaf images. Simply print out the worksheet and use it as a coloring page or try it as part of one of these activities: Leaf Field Guide (Book)–Students cut out each leaf image and paste into a small book (can be made by folding paper). Information about each leaf can be gathered through the Internet and then added to form a field guide. Autumn Brochure–Students can work independently or in pairs to create a brochure that entices people to adopt autumn as their favorite season. Leaf images can...

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Fall Compound Word Sort

The following activity uses compound words that are related to the fall season. Simply print the fall compound word list on heavy paper, cut out and laminate. Students can then manipulate the cards to form fall compound words or take turns using them as part of a matching game. A recording sheet is also included for students to write down the fall compound words that they create. Fall Compound Word Sorting Cards Fall Compound Word Recording...

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Autumn Leaf Word Sort

This Autumn Leaf Word Sort prompts students to consider words related to an autumn leaf. The words are then sorted according to whether they are a noun or an adjective. An Autumn Leaf Word Sort Template and an Autumn Leaves Coloring Page are also provided. Students can color the leaf images on the coloring page and use them to create their own word sort. Student-created word sorts can be exchanged between students and completed as a fun...

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